You will find a wide array of functional and beautiful accessories to add to your cabinetry. From our beautiful knife drawer collections to our unique cutting board set. These items will be a part of your space that give you pleasure each time you reach for them.

The interior of your cabinetry should have the same attention to detail that is provided to it’s outward appearance. A space for everything and the best way to access it in the place where it is needed. A variety of items designed to make your life easier. Pop-up mixer shelves, rollout trays, spice racks, dish drawers and so much more will provide you with the easy access you have been wishing for.


Gourmet Chop Blocks

These maple chop blocks prevent you from mixing flavors that don’t go together by separating cheese, garlic, fresh herbs, meat, poultry, and vegetables.  Each board is
10-1/4” wide x 14” deep.  They come in a 12” wide x 11-1/2” high x 12-1/2” deep walnut case that has traditional through dovetails (like the hand cut dovetails on most fine furniture over 100 years old).

Gourmet Chop Blocks


Corner Drawer

These corners drawer units are a good use of often wasted space.  If you are looking for more storage in drawers, this may be an excellent item for your Pennville kitchen.

Corner Drawers

Stainless Steel Vegetable Bins

These Stainless Steel Vegetable Bins have become popular because, unlike wicker baskets, they don't easily rot when a vegetable  does.  Stainless Steel Vegetble Bins look great in every contemporary and traditional environment, and they are available in every wood species.  If you store potatoes, onions, etc., this will be a must-have in your new Pennville or Epicure kitchen.

Steel Bins

Wusthof Knife Drawers

"Ultimate Collection"
Custom Knife Block


"Essential Collection"

Custom Knife Block

Walnut drawer inserts come with larger Wusthof Classic Knives than the ones available in block sets. 


Choices Include:
     - "Ultimate Collection"
 Simply the utltimate set of knives that are available.  Wusthof was originally chosen because every time we were researching kitchens in famous estates, these were the knives that we saw.

     - "Culinary Collection"All of the knives a Top Chef would use including: A 9" Cooks knife; a Santoku (Japanese Cook's Knife); a Pairing knife, a Utility Knife; a 10" Bread Knife; a 9" Carving Knife and a Meat Fork; a Flexible Fillet/Boning knife; a Two-Handled Mezzaluna;  Come-Apart Shears; a Waiter's Corkscrew; a Sharpener, and a Garlic Press.  8 Steak Knives are optional.

Or the smaller "Essential Collection"
which includes:  A 10" Bread knife; an 8" Carving knife; either a 7" Santoku or a 9" Chef's knife; a Flexible Fillet knife; a Paring knife; a Waiter's Corkscrew; a Sharpener; and Come-Apart Shears.


Blum Servo-Drives

Blum Servo Drives

Open Your Drawers Electronically with a Touch

The new Servo-Drives are not only a great way to eliminate hardware, but they are truly functional for any drawer that you would regularly touch with your hands either wet or full.  Most of all, they're just really cool!

Click on the video below, or call for details today:  Blum Servo-Drive Video