Choose from a wide variety of wood species.

The wood species we most employ are: Oak, Pecan, Distressed Pine, Maple, Cherry, Lyptus, Walnut and Hickory. There are many more including exotic woods that are available upon request.


Cherry Wood Sample

Cherry: with a history dating back to 400BC has been used in furniture making. It is a rich red brown in color that deepens with age. Cherry is straight grained and satiny with a lustrous appearance. Pin knots, burls and mineral streaks add to the character of this beautiful wood species. The wood is light, strong and hard.


Maple Wood Sample

Maple: has been a favorite of furniture makers. Its coloring ranges from cream to a light reddish brown, with a uniform grain and texture. Maple is heavy, hard and strong. It resists dents and scratches and takes stains well. Mineral streak are not uncommon.


Oak Wood Sample

Oak: has long been in furniture and interior design’s history. Red Oak grows only in North America and can live three hundred years. Depending on the cut you select many distinctive grain patterns emerge. Oak is heavy, strong and hard, it is wear resistant and takes finishes well.


Knotty Pine Wood Sample


Knotty Pine: Light in color and weight, with straight grain. Knots that range in size give this wood it’s special character. Chosen often for country or provincial design, Knotty Pine is a soft wood that dents easily. Pine has pitch that when exposed to high temperatures can rise to the surface. Wood color surrounding the knots will alter.



Knotty Pine Wood Sample


Lyptus: An eco-friendly hardwood hybrid, grown in the heart of Brazil. This dense hardwood is tough, resilient, and very durable and provides great wear-resistance. It has a straight grain pattern and a fine, even texture with occasional closed burled knots. This renewable resource is produced from planted trees that are fully sustainable and obtained in an environmentally responsible matter.


Wood Sample Hickory

Hickory: extremely strong, with flexibility and shock resistance. It contains a wide variety of colors from white to dark brown with an open grain.


Paint Grade:  most often achieved using Maple it provides a smooth tight grain that allows for the smoothest finish.



MDF available in paint and used in high gloss creates a sleek contemporary door.



Exotic Woods

We can source almost any wood species you desire, just contact us and we will let you know.